Nyctophilia Slayer/ Byzantine Dreams



Story V

Byzantine Dreams


Thirty nights have passed, I’ve never talked to a soul about it, I wouldn’t dare to. So in love with my own creation, too scared of mislaying my intuition, I am losing sleep, deeply enthusiastic to every sensation I creep,

A Chollima I ride, a winged black horse is my arch aspiration, soaring the sky of the mighty stars, they fear me, I am the sound of the ancestors, louder than the greatest horn, the grace of the charming Europa, and the sharpness of Ares himself, holding the spear of war, and the crucifix of salvation is always before my all-knowing grey eyes… I am the female knight in a land of masculine myth.


A dream I had, for the last recent thirty nights, I had a vision of a silvery moon, ends with the breaking beams, and I rise, from the dead (I wish to remain) I emerge, and I walk, sweeping the fairy dust of my feet, this is so real, my heart is still pounding for his whickering breath, and the whistling wind is wrecking my tall walls, rocking the dull freezing windows I always keep closed, wailing arise!

And so I did, into the airy land I marched,  gave full rein to my instincts, my windy path plays my long silky hair, and I love the music it makes, this is how I reach out and touch my dreams, my feet will take me where the prophecies of truth speak, and I must be alone, they chose my isolation, my distant heart talks no faults, objective I remain, my invincible arsenal awaits for my epic attack, there, I see it right before my eyes, fading, every step forward is the wrecking of another castle I spent a lifetime to sustain!


They captured my thoughts, I widened my blinded eyes, chains restricting my typing hands, “who are you!” I thought I cast a declaration. Alas! It was only a hope, my words are choking, suffocating… my soul is demising, they have my voice, faceless they are, stitching their deformed mouths!



Hissing I hear, in the darkness I picture their defected hearts! And I reached my end, I thought, in hell, I spent a decade hoping to diminish its terror, “I’ve been here since the very beginning… I made this place!”

Trying to flee, I warned them simultaneously, yet my limbs are frozen and paralyzed in a blaze of indifference and ice hearts…

“a mad girl on fire!” I whispered to myself, surrounded by the grim I once created…


“You know this is my home, I despise where I was born! You think I’m back, huh… my falcon heart is soaring in the seventh sky! Oh my own demons, I already buried you the day you summoned my satanic whispers …”


I know…. they’ll keep me here for good, I weep my sorrows, I see my sins in their faceless forms, I hear my filthy secrets in the hissing wind, and I prayed, to the one god I know, I begged for my life, for I changed, my heart is of a fearless honored knight, my soul is blessed by wisdom , he believes in me, I saw a light! The freeze is departing my land, and I revived, in my bed I lie, feeling the rays of the greatest star, tickling my surviving eyes…


“morning beautiful” I felt your warm hands on me, running your fingers along my arms and down my middle, spreading a living flame of the life I fought for, the one I begged the lord to have, resurrecting me,

from the ashes of desperation I reborn, my blood is watering my dying cells, my nerves are preserving my fragile corpse, “don’t ever leave me again!”


I seized his piercing eyes, feasting my sultry form…. he kissed my forehead and hugged the fearful me, chains he once placed around my fists are turned into petals; white and yellow in color, the stitches in his faceless form dunked deep, forming a (mystery) face, I adore…


“I won’t! you’re everything I dreamt to have…” his hissing voice I miss, I fear and I won’t survive without his wicked romance.


Day 31 is a conclusion to my illusions, now I see what I’ve never conceived, I’ve learned how precious life is, how simple love is, how lust can profoundly move the world into the right direction or simply ruin the universe…


62505990_2315061571912661_5258460681061007360_nSweet Dreams of him, a winged black horse I ride, soaring the skies, of glory I rise, a conqueror I adore, breathing into his fairy heart, fulfilling his dreams, nightmares of losing him are captivating my heart, and I will surrender to his conviction, for he is the hymn of my joy, the bell that tolls for my demolition, Byzantine dreams I’ve never seen, into days of a voluptuous life we sleep.

The end


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